Infinite Imaginations – FREE Contest

Infinite Imaginations Contest

23 Nov’20 | Children’s Knowledge Club


Theme: “If I could, I would…”

This is one of the very unique contests organized at Children’s Knowledge Group.

Here are imaginative, original and radically powerful views from some of our member children. It is very delightful and thought provoking experience to read these views. You would also understand what our today’s children think:

“If I could have magical powers, then I would be an Archaeologist and find out mysteries of each and everything I can.” – Kashish Sukhija, 8th std, New Delhi.

“If I could meet god, I would ask many things about nature like how the 1 sun gives this much light to whole earth and ask for my success and my friends, me and my family happiness.” – Somya Lalwani, 5th std, New Delhi

“If I could then I would try to give all the happiness of the world to my parents because they are the best people I have ever met in my life.” – Tamanna Jindal, 8th std, New Delhi

“If I could then I would become a bird, fly to the maximum possible heights and see the small world below me. I would enjoy the tours and roam freely anywhere I want, that too without any restriction.”– Manan Agrawal, 8th std, Faridabad

“If I could then I would educate young children so that when they grow up, they become self dependent and do not fall prey to begging, theft or fraudulent practices.” Parth Kukreja, 7th std, Mumbai

“If I could then I would  build a free world for females. So that they can freely travel around and do whatever they want without any objecting eyes or people around them.” Sindhuja Reddy, 10th std, Hyderabad

“If I could then I would build a library for children where all comics of the world are available. All children should be able to read these freely in any language anytime without any objection from parents or teachers.” – Aradhya Bhardwaj, 5th std, Dubai

“If I could then I would make a rule that anyone will be eligible to cut a tree only after he has planted, watered and grew 10 trees. This planet belongs to all living & non-living beings. Few individuals can’t spoil it. – Snehil Shinde, 7th Std, Pune

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