Q. Is it possible to design a rectangular mango grove whose length is twice its breadth, and the area is 800 m2? If so, find the length and breadth.


Let’s consider the length of rectangular as X m and width as Y m.

By given 1st condition, its length is twice its breadth…

\therefore X = 2Y ….. (i)

By given 2nd condition, its area is 800 m2

\therefore X Y = 800 …. (ii)

By substituting value of X from equation (i) into equation (ii), we get:

X Y = 800

\therefore (2 Y) (Y) = 800

\therefore (2 Y ^2) = 800

\therefore (Y ^2) = 400

\therefore Y = 20~and~Y = - 20

Here, we accept Y = 20 only, because dimension of any field can never be negative value.

\therefore Y = 20 m

By substituting value of X in equation (i), we get:

X = 2 Y

\therefore X = 2 (20) = 40

Therefore, the length of the rectangular mango grove is 40 m and breadth is 20 m.

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